Issue 9 may/june

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England ranks closest to Jamaica as the most important reggae country and has a history of reggae and soundsystem culture every bit as old. While we think of the soundsystem as something that came out of reggae culture, the real story is the other way around. Soundsystem was with us long before reggae, but reggae took soundsystem to its natural heights, and England is a high point, where reggae is recognized as the forerunner of modern dance music and culture. It has been a long and rocky road.

What's inside

Ital Farm

Grow your own sound? Every organic farm should have one … Ras John Crosswell guides us through his permaculture training centre in the south of Spain and explains the difference between Woofers to Wwoofers

Shiloh pon the road

Nearing the end of their 2011 European tour, the King Shiloh family kept a diary of their travels for Irie Up.

Art Works

Daniel Taylor introduces the British artist Mau Mau who puts reggae and soundsystem themes at the centre of his works