Issue 6 nov/dec 2010

Irie Up issue 6, cover
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Here we are with the last issue of 2010, and we wish to say thanks to all the people who have been involved with Irie Up this year, from the artists, musicians and producers to the writers, photographers, designers, advertisers, and you, our readers. Reggae music is a treasure that keeps on growing, and changing, updating and renewing. It’s the music and the messages in the music that inspires most of the stories that we cover in Irie Up. Ask a question about the story behind a new tune, and the answer may well involve engineered crises, the ‘New World Order’ and the banksters at the IMF. Many artists are warning about the resurgence of nationalist politics, particularly in Europe.

What's inside

Uniting Manchester

Internal Dread – Nils Kersten talks to the serious but funny Swedish producer and analogue devotee.

The Business

Matt from Lion Vibes talks about sourcing in Jamaica amid the decline in vinyl production on the island.


Fresh releases on vinyl and CD from the UK, France, Germany, Dominica, Holland and Jamaica.


Photostories from Werner Ahlgrimm and Torsten Krone – Dub Camp 2010 and the Berlin Dub Festival


Louis Sweeting on soundsystem and community culture in Manchester city.