Issue 4 jul/aug 2010

Irie Up issue 4, cover
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“It’s the volcanic ash,” said the man at the airport check-in, explaining why I couldn’t get on the plane to Ireland. “Brimstone,” I said, nodding. I wanted to tell him that it was one of the signs of the End Times, but telling jokes in airports is dangerous these days. It’s an upside down world. We don’t worry about the End of the World here at IRIE UP – we hold to the idea that the world ends every moment, and starts every moment too. But we do talk to a lot of people who are waiting for ‘The End’ – some final ‘apocalypse’ when everything blows up. Admittedly, there are a lot of promising signs for doom mongers – earthquakes, famines, fire … and brimstone.

What's inside

Profile: the Herb

What next for the herb? Don't wait around for legalization ... Irie Up looks at the state of play in Europe and the US

Holding the tradition

A letter from Bredda Neil of King Shiloh Soundsystem

Irie Up Serbia

Nils Kersten interviews Hornsman Coyote about the roots of reggae in Serbia

Reggae Colombia

On our first visit to South America, we talk to Pablo Gaviria of Mono Estudios in Colombia about the rich fusion of South American styles and reggae beats.