Volcano Hi Fi revisited

On the cover, you’ll see Volcano Hi Fi selecter Danny Dread and Burro Banto prepare for a session in autumn 1983 during the short lived reign of Henry Junjo Lawes soundsystem. The journalists behind the Finnish magazine Cool Runnings spent a few months with the Volcano crew and their book Volcano Revisited is a treasure of a story. They caught a moment when the music in Jamaica was changing, as Coxsone departed to New York and the record companies had abandoned Jamaica. Lawes and the Roots Radics were defining the future of dancehall music. The regular Volcano DJs and singers included Barrington Levi, Burro Banton, Josie Wales, Tony Tuff and Charlie Chaplin.  Irie Up talks to author Pekka Vuorinen about a special piece of reggae history. more in issue 10

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