Dub Herz radio from Planet Earth Studios, October 2013

Mr Glue at the controls running reggae, dub and good vibes from Berlin courtesy of the Irieland Soundsystem crew. From the second show in October. Dub Herz is on every second Monday on Blog Rebellen. Listen to the show here: Dub Herz October 2013

The Reggae Movement Exhibition now in Oslo!

The Reggae Movement Exhibition in Warsaw!

new Reggae spot in Warsaw !

From 12 of December Reggae Christmas Market in Warsaw !

Issue 12 OUT NOW!

As went to print, the European leaders were begging Silvio Berlusconi to do something to prevent Italy, and Europe, from falling apart. We nearly died laughing at that. It’s a one-way process, like Humpty Dumpty falling off the wall. We wonder sometimes: Did none of these world leaders ever hear about reggae music? Did they not hear about the fall of Babylon? – Ronan Lynch, Editor. Read more

The Reggae Movement Exhibition on nearFm

Ronan Lynch, organiser of The Reggae Movement Exhibition on Tour joins MickFitz on Northside2Day to discuss all things reggae and invite listeners to visit The Reggae Movement Exhibition on Tour, whether in Dublin or beyond. click to listen