A secret sadness lurks behind the 21st century’s forced smile

Is this another way of talking about the meaning of dub? The reggae scene, perhaps especially the dub scene, is quite an insular business and this is also reflected in what’s written about the music. Yet some of the best writing about reggae comes from broader musical culture. For those of you interested in sound system culture, there’s not much written that can touch the reggae chapter in Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton’s ‘Last Night A DJ Saved My Life’. (Just read in the promo notes that the Nazis invented clubbing. Don’t remember reading that part before). So we’re going to be sharing some weird and wonderful stuff from the world of music.

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The Reggae Movement Exhibition / Munich, Oct 2013

Yes indeed, the Reggae Movement Exhibition is still moving, with a long-promised show in Munich finally happening from 12 to 19 October courtesy of the Feierwerk team. Mr. Glue and Jah Seal will be in attendance and we’ll be playing a few tunes throughout the  exhibition week to keep the atmosphere sweet. You’ll find more details online here

For those still inquiring about the artworks, we’ve long since run out of posters, but Mau Mau and Freestylee can be contacted directly through their own gallery websites and they’ll be more than happy to help you out. Mau Mau produces prints, limited edition t-shirts and even full-on proper painted pictures. He’s also been decorating walls and streets worldwide so you can always admire his stuff from the sidewalks. Freestylee aka Michael Thompson or Michael Thompson aka Freestylee can be found online at www.freestylee.net where he continues his amazing rate of productivity, dealing with reggae and rasta themes and themes of peace activism all around the world. That’s Michael’s version of Shaka above left.

Mau Mau’s also involved in lots of other artwork and his urban foxes adorn walls and galleries alike while he’s also developed his own highly comic line of defiantly anti-exploitation artwork that lampoons the Coca-Cola and McDonalds of this world. Find his galleries and works online at www.mau-mau.co.uk. Here’s Mau Mau’s tribute to Shaka on the right.

Both of them are well deserving of your support!

Do remember, the Munich show will open with a party on Saturday night … with Sunny Red, Carmel Zoum, Jah Seal & Mr. Glue and Treasure Irie.

The Reggae Movement Exhibition now in Oslo!

The Reggae Movement Exhibition in Warsaw!

new Reggae spot in Warsaw !

From 12 of December Reggae Christmas Market in Warsaw !

In shop now: The Reggae Movement Exhibition Art Set

The Reggae Movement Exhibition Art Set contains ten beautiful postcards by jamaican artist Michael Thompson aka Freestylee. go to shop