The Counteraction

“Basically, you got to be amazing these days”. From the reggae town of Leicester, I Mitri Counteraction Soundz waxes lyrical about the darkness and light of UK dub music. He talks about the changes, continuities and innovations in the reggae business and the mission to deliver the UK dub sound with a live band. more in issue 10

Little Ethiopia

Shemelis Desta spent most of three decades working for Emperor Haile Selassie as court photographer, and witnessed His Majesty’s departure from the Palace. He was then was forced to work for the Derg before making a daring escape to England with a treasure trove of Ethiopian culture. more in issue 9

IRIE UP broadcast ISSUE 8

Irieland Sound’s Jah Seal hosts the first Irie Up Selection featuring music from stories and reviews in the March/April 2011 issue of Irie Up magazine, including tunes from Pressure Sounds, Roots Ista Posse, KA Records, Rock A Shacka and Keystone Records. Perfect listening while you read the new issue!!!

Jah Observer

Austin “Spiderman” Palmer is the founder and selector for the Mighty Jah Observer sound system. He started his sound as a youth in the late 1960s and has continued through the various trends in reggae, preserving his unique approach to music all the while. Two characteristics mark out his system from all the others who play in Europe and the UK: firstly, his rig is still valve-driven; and secondly, he eschews the “boof boof” dub played by his contemporaries in favour of the more soulful cultural vibes of yesteryear.

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The Reggae Movement Exhibition 2011

Beginning in Autumn 2011, Irie Up magazine will present The Reggae Movement Exhibition, telling the story of the reggae movement spreading worldwide in the last 20 years. The exhibition will be on large format panels, and the first show will be in Berlin in Autumn, followed by a tour around Europe over the autumn and winter months.
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UK Reggae Documentary 1976

1976 UK Reggae Documentary, part one: Here’s a short clip of a film made by Jeremy Marre, who also produced Roots, Rock, Reggae, a documentary on Jamaican reggae.

Jah Vibes Soundsystem

“My first thought was: What kind of madness is this?” Sista Adilisha, one of the few women at the control tower, talks about musical madness. Following a soundsystem education in London, she put together her own soundsystem in Cologne, Germany, and is now also running a new label using an international roots network, and organising gatherings for roots and culture music.

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