Irie Up Community ya big!

It strikes us how many international bredren and sistren worked to make this a reality … from JA to Japan, Holland to Poland and all around. Yes once again we see the ideas take time to go over, but here’s Danny Pepperseed taking to Micah Shemiah, with the Mau Mau art in the background, shouts out to Dancehall Masakrah and Cornerstone from Japan, the Dub Club in Kingston, and talking about the vinyl revival. For years Irie Up has been promoting vinyl and not from any nostalgic viewpoint. Micah mentions the degradation of the Jamaican vinyl business and the benefits of pressing in Japan, and you all know how much care the Japanese lavish on making vinyls (even the bootlegs, but that’s another story…). The vinyl business can create work for many, from pressing plants to distributors to shops and selectors.

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