Dis Revival Ting

Here’s the first in what’s to be a series of short documentaries about reggae in Jamaica. There’s no end of dispute about whether this is a ‘revival’ at all, or a continuity, but there’s little argument that the Jamaican establishment has never really embraced reggae music or culture. So it’s great to see this vibe going on in Jamaica, from Dub Club in Kingston to Reggae Mountain to Jamnesia Surf Club at Bull Bay. As producer Mikie Bennett remarks, there’s little corporate money coming in to support this. Ganja and love have kept the scene going; 90% of the promoters that support the reggae scene in America “are ganjaman”. Only now, the ganjamen don’t have to stay underground. Something greater bubbling? The ganja industry in America is already massive, and if you’ve read the previous posts you’ll know about the potential for things like Bitcoin that are slowly creeping into the mainstream.

This is part one of ‘Dis Revival Ting’ by DSE Production.

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