Jah Tubbys at 40

So why is Jah Tubbys called the World System? Pierre Antoine Foulquier catches up with the Jah Tubbys crew in Paris to hear about 40 years on the road with the legendary London soundsystem, while we try to separate the facts and the legends. more in issue 9

Reggaetown Bristol

Bristol is well known for its trip hop and drum’n’bass scene, and lately dubstep, but the city has a long and fascinating reggae history, from blues parties and soundsystems to bands such as the Black Roots who laid the foundation for today’s Bristol scene. more in issue 9

Little Ethiopia

Shemelis Desta spent most of three decades working for Emperor Haile Selassie as court photographer, and witnessed His Majesty’s departure from the Palace. He was then was forced to work for the Derg before making a daring escape to England with a treasure trove of Ethiopian culture. more in issue 9

IRIE UP broadcast ISSUE 8

Irieland Sound’s Jah Seal hosts the first Irie Up Selection featuring music from stories and reviews in the March/April 2011 issue of Irie Up magazine, including tunes from Pressure Sounds, Roots Ista Posse, KA Records, Rock A Shacka and Keystone Records. Perfect listening while you read the new issue!!!

Michael Thompson poster inside issue 8

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Reggaetown Dublin

In the middle of the last decade, Dublin became famous as the centre of the mysteriously successful ‘Celtic Tiger’ economy. Many Dubliners – knowing this would all end in disaster – watched in amazement as world leaders came to learn about economics from Irish political leaders. When the Chinese prime minister came to learn about Irish economics, we started to worry about China.

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Pressure Sounds behind the scenes

In the fifth issue of Irie Up, we talked with Pete Holdsworth from the UK label Pressure Sounds, which specialises in releasing rare and hard to find original recordings from Jamaica. Fans of Pressure Sounds treasure the artwork and liner notes that come along with the recordings. In this issue, Reggae Richie talks to the man behind the scenes who puts the finishing touches to the Pressure Sounds releases: Harry Hawke.more in issue 8