The reggae Movement Exhibition – first installation in Yaam, Berlin

In the last two weeks of September, we installed the Reggae Movement Exhibition in the dancehall at Yaam, a wonderful location to launch the exhibition.
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Soundsystem from Jamaica to Europe 1950 – 1995

The soundsystem is at the heart of the reggae movement.
In word, music and pictures, the exhibition follows the story of the soundsystem from Jamaica in the 1950s to the UK in the 60s and 70s, and then to Europe. The soundsystems gave birth to ska, rocksteady, reggae, dub, dancehall, hip-hop, jungle and drum and
bass – and taught nations and generations how to dance!
Jamaican artist Freestylee illustrates the story with additional artwork by Mau Mau. more in issue 11

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The Reggae Movement Exhibition

The first showing of the Reggae Movement exhibition is in Berlin, Germany at the Yaam Club from 21 to 30 September. The show is open from 11:00 to 19:00 daily, and admission is free. We will present a DJ lounge every evening, and evening shows in the second week, featuring Gaggeldub and Irieland Soundsystem and the German premiere of the documentary Holding On To Jah. Michael Thompson joins us for the first week.
Full details about this show and the exhibition – titled Soundsystem: From Europe to Jamaica 1950 – 1955 – are on the website

Exclusive free release!!!!

Free digital release: I Mitri Feat Jah Marnyah ‘Sick Of Babylon’ plus dub and instrumental version. Details on page four in issue 10

Reggaetown Tel Aviv

Issue ten follows the soundsystem trail to Israel and Tel Aviv to hear the stories behind the scenes of Israeli reggae music and culture, from the only soundsystem in the Middle East to the ital reggae café of Abu Dubi. We hear too from Palestine, and the reasons that reggae music is viewed with suspicion in the West Bank. Featuring interviews with Giul Rasta, Twelve Tribes, Gal Eilam, Harrison Stafford and Hanouneh. more in issue 10

The Counteraction

“Basically, you got to be amazing these days”. From the reggae town of Leicester, I Mitri Counteraction Soundz waxes lyrical about the darkness and light of UK dub music. He talks about the changes, continuities and innovations in the reggae business and the mission to deliver the UK dub sound with a live band. more in issue 10

Volcano Hi Fi revisited

On the cover, you’ll see Volcano Hi Fi selecter Danny Dread and Burro Banto prepare for a session in autumn 1983 during the short lived reign of Henry Junjo Lawes soundsystem. The journalists behind the Finnish magazine Cool Runnings spent a few months with the Volcano crew and their book Volcano Revisited is a treasure of a story. They caught a moment when the music in Jamaica was changing, as Coxsone departed to New York and the record companies had abandoned Jamaica. Lawes and the Roots Radics were defining the future of dancehall music. The regular Volcano DJs and singers included Barrington Levi, Burro Banton, Josie Wales, Tony Tuff and Charlie Chaplin.  Irie Up talks to author Pekka Vuorinen about a special piece of reggae history. more in issue 10