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As went to print, the European leaders were begging Silvio Berlusconi to do something to prevent Italy, and Europe, from falling apart. We nearly died laughing at that. It’s a one-way process, like Humpty Dumpty falling off the wall. We wonder sometimes: Did none of these world leaders ever hear about reggae music? Did they not hear about the fall of Babylon? – Ronan Lynch, Editor. Read more

The Rootsman Trods On

The enigmatic singer Martin Campbell defies stereotyping. While his experiences mirror those of many Jamaican singers – including a spell at the Alpha Boys School – Campbell remains something on an outsider. When we spoke to Martin Campbell from his home in the UK, he was busy re-assembling his old Channel One studio gear and preparing his next set of releases in original and analogue style. Campbell talks exclusively to Irie Up magazine about the future of reggae music. more in issue 12

Ras Rojah

Let’s face it, few governments or institutions devote themselves to celebrating or preserving reggae music, leaving the work to a few enterprising individuals. Rogers Steffens, archivist, educator and historian, tells Irie Up about his longtime devotion to preserving the legacy of the Wailers and his own mission in reggae music. more in issue 12

Dread Beat An’ Blood

Linton Kwesi Johnson is another man apart in the reggae world, and the artist who almost single-handedly invented the genre of dub poetry.When Darcus Howe appeared on Sky News to talk about the London riots this summer, LKJ’s poetry immediately came into our heads: what Bartek Wojcik calls The Black London Verses of Civil Protest. In this issue, Wojcik takes a detailed look at a crucial poet whose message was rarely heeded in England, or Jamaica. more in issue 12

The Reggae Movement Exhibition on nearFm

Ronan Lynch, organiser of The Reggae Movement Exhibition on Tour joins MickFitz on Northside2Day to discuss all things reggae and invite listeners to visit The Reggae Movement Exhibition on Tour, whether in Dublin or beyond. click to listen

Irish Times – Editor Choice ; )

The Reggae Movement Exhibition in NPR News !

American station NPR came to talk to us at the Reggae Movement Exhibition.
“Berlin is a city known for its electronic music and club scene. But not everyone knows that many of the tricks used in today’s club mixes, such as bass cut switches, echo and delay effects, and frequency filters can be traced back to sound system from Jamaica.” Read or listen to full story on NPR website