Jah Vibes Soundsystem

“My first thought was: What kind of madness is this?” Sista Adilisha, one of the few women at the control tower, talks about musical madness. Following a soundsystem education in London, she put together her own soundsystem in Cologne, Germany, and is now also running a new label using an international roots network, and organising gatherings for roots and culture music.

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Word Sound & Power: Spreading the love

I & I Soundsystem travel the streets of Los Angeles, putting out good vibes and putting smiles on faces with their modified ice cream van turned dub mobile.

Reggaetown Prague

Soundsystem culture arrived to the Czech Republic through the free party and techno festivals of the 1990s, but reggae is catching up, with a new generation of dub activists, record labels and selecters who are schooled in the high energy cross over styles of future roots.

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Solar Powered Sound

Across the way, the Gaggeldub family is setting up their sound and we’re all watching with interest because it’s the first time we’ve seen this solar powered soundsystem. They set some poles and string a canopy from the side of their truck. Off to one side, they set up a camp kitchen. Under the canopy they lay out a carpet and then they arrange their soundsystem. The four bass scoops and two mid and top speakers are painted a cheerful shade of green and they look brand new.

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Ras Perez: Setting the record straight

Reggae singer, musician and producer Ras Perez lives in Berlin, Germany, and hails from the village of Grand Bay on the Caribbean island of Dominica. He is one of several Dominica musicians living in Berlin, including Tikiman and Ras Donovan, who have been deeply influential in the Berlin reggae scene. Ras Perez talks to Irie Up about his early years in Dominica, the changes from calypso to reggae, the infamous Dread Laws, and the humour at the heart of his music.

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Profile: Dandelion Sound, Freising/Germany

This issue, Irie Up speaks to Dandelion Sound from Bavaria in the south of Germany, an original and independent crew who are carrying forward the soundsystem tradition with their own handcrafted equipment, their own style and plenty of warmth and humour to the reggae scene.

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Mystery Babylon

Babylon, more accurately ‘Mystery Babylon’, is a central theme in reggae music, but what exactly is it? Some people think it’s the police, others say it’s the Vatican, and others say it’s a state of mind – a mental slavery, so to speak. But is ‘Mystery Babylon’ a symbol of something else, or does it actually exist? The signs are all around us that ‘Mystery Babylon’ does indeed exist, and the mass media is its biggest and most successful project.

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