My Design Berlin: Cross the border session with Irieland Soundsystem (2009)

Looking for three hours of top notch reggae and dance grooves for a party? Check thisĀ Party on the river, Berlin 2009 – big up to Tricky D for the mix. Cross the border: let’s just say that this is one of the big unresolved issues in the world right now – who gets to cross the border? How much of the world’s wealth is created by segregating the population and the capital? Do partygoers want only to dance? Digital Roots Movement never felt that way.

This recording is from a session on the river in Berlin, around May 2009, by the Digital Roots Movement – five DJs: Tricky D (Tricky Tunes), Supa DJ Dmitry (Deee-lite),Ā  Saint Glue (aka Mr Glue, Irieland Soundsystem/World In Reggae),Ā  Aldubb (One Drop Music?Irieland Soundsystem) & Jah Seal (Irieland Soundsystem) – playing out on the Irieland Soundsystem at the beach club beside Arena for one of the DMY Berlin 2009 after-parties. I remember the owner of the club arriving late and freaking out – jumping up and down like a cartoon character, we were watching him thinking, ‘what’s up with that dude’ – when he saw the speaker stack on the beach. He calmed down when he realised it was all sweetly set up, facing away from the river. (You wouldn’t believe how far water carries sound in a metropolis.) Three hours of great tunes, heavy on 70s classics.

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