Irie Up issue 5, cover

Issue 5 Sep/Oct 2010

Raz Perez The veterans still rule: ‘Everybody get a inspiration from somebody but some people don’t want to acknowledge.’ Irie Up talks to U-Brown and Ras Perez.

Irie Up issue 4, cover

Issue 4 jul/aug 2010

Irie Up loves a bit of controversy, and in Issue four, we introduce some of the characters of the UK and European reggae scene, who have totally different viewpoints on the purpose and direction of soundsystem culture.

Irie Up issue 3, cover

Issue 3 may/june 2010

The music industry has gone through some dreadful years, but the big companies have been the authors of their own problems. In Issue three, we talk to the people who keep things running in the vinyl business, from the studio to ‘the world’s smallest pressing plant’ to the shops and selecters.

Irie Up issue 2, cover

Issue 2 march/april 2010

We don’t love politics at Irie Up, but we don't ignore it either. Zion Train are pioneers in UK dub music, and as they have travelled the world in the last years, they’ve become reporters and observers. Neil Perch shares his perspective on who really runs things ….

Irie Up issue 1, cover

Issue 1 jan/feb 2010

‘Every man does his thing a little bit different’: In the first issue of Irie Up, we invited contributors from Brazil, Russia, Croatia, Italy, the UK and New Zealand to introduce their local scenes to the world; there’s also a great interview with Calman Scott about the original rockers beat that changed the face of reggae music.