Jah Vibes Soundsystem

“My first thought was: What kind of madness is this?” Sista Adilisha, one of the few women at the control tower, talks about musical madness. Following a soundsystem education in London, she put together her own soundsystem in Cologne, Germany, and is now also running a new label using an international roots network, and organising gatherings for roots and culture music.

Mikey from Channel One Sound in the UK called it ‘Musically Mad’ – and there’s no better way to describe the “business” of running a soundsystem. Traditionally, it’s been a man’s world behind the control tower, so Irie Up went to talk to Sista Adilisha, the operator of Cologne’s Jah Vibes Soundsystem, to listen to her perspective on this musical madness.

more in issue 7

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