1. We are loving your beautiful magazine here on Guam. We are pleased to be selling Irieup at Jah Reggae Shop. Reggae is strong. Let’s make it stronger by spreading the sound, image and message around the globe.

    Give Thanks
    Jah Reggae Shop – Guam

  2. 25.07.2010

    For a trial period, we are offering a digital download of the latest issue through Feedback welcome.

  3. 20.07.2010

    For readers in the USA, we’ll offer a subscription service from inside the USA from next month. Stay tuned or write to us at for more info. IRIE UP

  4. IRIE UP

    Thanks Osmose, we’re on the case …

  5. 19.06.2010

    IN da Sun, We waiT for Da Paris TriP ! i’M dreamINg of ThoSe ROunded BasSes whO maKe mY GlaSs Of COte de BeauNe is quiCkly Gone.

  6. 15.06.2010

    You guys should hit up Turntable Lab in NYC & LA to get a couple more dist points in the USA.

    Peace + Protection

  7. IRIE UP

    Thanks to all the crew in Paris … the Foulquiers, big up! Pierre, Jacques, Marie, Alex, Martin, Revelation Hi-Fi, Nono, Kaza, Jimmy and all the crew at Generations FM. We’ll link again soon. PAF – wish you the best in France.

  8. Irie Up

    The Irie Up team will be in Paris between 20 and 23 May, so we invite all Paris and local French crews to link with us. Email to

  9. 20.04.2010

    I had wanted to receive the Irie Up – ‘Berlin Delegation visits Hamburg’ crew in a warmer way. Sorry my plans fell through. I live outside central Hamburg and I cant really represent Hamburg as ‘resident’ anyway. Still, I had a nice time with the whole crew as usual! Just like Ostróda & Dub Hertz! Looking forward to the next issue. I will be advertising my new album produced mostly by Aldubb in the next issue. Big up Irieland and Irie Up and One Drop… Respect, Mighty

  10. 6.04.2010

    Greetings and nuff respect from Hamburg.. We need a distributor here.. Could you ask the Selector-Shop in Hamburg to spread your magazine?

    Bless! Addi Dub

  11. GAS MAN

    Greetings Irie Up

    You are on form issue 2 is on the button.


    Blessed Love

  12. 31.03.2010

    Great GREAT Magazine!!!!!! The scene needs this kind of worldwide connections, so keep it up!!! Very nice format, beautyful design style,interesting storys, and generally everything I need from a good magazine. The price for this is absolutely fair. First time i got a mag-subscription since many years…. Respect

  13. Fitz

    Just got issues 1 & 2 today……great magazine, big up yourselves! Have subscribed for a year…….all the best for 2010 and beyond

  14. 23.03.2010

    Big ups for the website!!

  15. 21.03.2010

    Greetings, thank you very much for the second issue. I really love the story of tricky d at the end.

  16. 20.03.2010

    just got your fine mag today, congratulations, wish all u the best. keep on skanking

  17. 3.03.2010

    Great initiative, make sure to get the new issue over to the US, buying it from this site would cost me like 12$ and that’s too much for a broke guy like me, no matter how good the magazine might be.

  18. GAS MAN

    Greetings Irie Up.
    Wicked job with issue 1 and looking forward to the next chapter. Outernational reggae scene delivered straight to my front door – what more can I ask for!

  19. It’s good to have something proper in the hands. ;) Too much virtual reading these days exhausts the eyes. So get your real paper copy as long as the supply lasts, folks. And after reading the magazine, go and make a mixtape. No MP3-mix, but a real thing. OK! :)


    Keep up the very good work !
    Real People do Real ‘Tings ….


  21. Large up Irie Up! Great to see this get off the ground. The mag has a nice international community vibe and I highly recommend this to anyone who has an interest in the culture. Keep up the good works.
    Stryka D.

  22. 20.02.2010

    Greetings Irie Up people,

    the news website looks really nice. I am looking forward for the next issue.

    Bless, Nils

  23. 13.02.2010

    Nice WebdesiGN & LoVely Paper FoRmat.

    Long Life To IriE Up !!!

  24. 12.02.2010

    Big Ups for the new website!!!!

  25. 3.02.2010

    gwaan bredrins!
    this is THE magazine! serious work Iyah! give thanx..
    the crew has to work for a hundred years from now at least…reggae world need a magazine like that for long long time!

  26. Sista Ania

    Greetings from Russia!
    What a lovely magazine! Thanx for your work.
    Keep on moving forward!


  27. Big up all Irie Up Crew!
    Love the mag and glad I saw it advertised on ReggaeVille!
    One love

  28. 28.01.2010

    Thanks a lot to the Irie Up crew!
    Mag is wonderful! Wish you success!
    Big up from Moscow!!

  29. Simon

    Aye, just ordered me a year suply!
    It really looks promising from what I’ve read on the net, really looking forward to get my first copy :)

  30. 19.01.2010

    Massive thanks and respect for this great magazine!

    Check the anouncement of your magazine on my blog:

    Blessed love outa Germany!

  31. 18.01.2010

    finally, a sound system zine! wish you all the best for the next issues, stay true to yourself!

    i was really happy to read the New Zealand article. been playin the kiwi style for years now, first time ever i see it mentioned in a magazine! listen this:

    irie up yourself!

    one sound one love


  32. 18.01.2010

    Apart form the UK “Woofah” this is one of the nicest and most needed mags I’ve read in a long time. Coming strictly from the sound system subculture it’s lovely how it syncs the worldwide networks and is an absolutely crucial medium for the scene. So far off the commercial Reggae and Dancehall crap this is where the real vibes are. Can’t wait to see the next issues – definitely keep it up, you’re on the right path, mates!

    Jan / disrupt

  33. rootscores

    all the bass for 2010 ! saludos desde valencia. looking to forward to the mag ! thanx again for your support and kind , nice and easy contact !

  34. Jed

    Thanks to the Irie Up crew for this new magazine release !!
    Writing from France where almost no such mag exists.

    Bless & love !!

  35. 6.01.2010

    Greetings Irie Up crew,

    thank you very much for the magazine which is one of the best i have ever read. I can feel the love of the magazine creators in every page.

    Irie Up yourself & don’t be no drag,