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Free digital release: I Mitri Feat Jah Marnyah ‘Sick Of Babylon’ plus dub and instrumental version. Details on page four in issue 10

Volcano Hi Fi revisited

On the cover, you’ll see Volcano Hi Fi selecter Danny Dread and Burro Banto prepare for a session in autumn 1983 during the short lived reign of Henry Junjo Lawes soundsystem. The journalists behind the Finnish magazine Cool Runnings spent a few months with the Volcano crew and their book Volcano Revisited is a treasure of a story. They caught a moment when the music in Jamaica was changing, as Coxsone departed to New York and the record companies had abandoned Jamaica. Lawes and the Roots Radics were defining the future of dancehall music. The regular Volcano DJs and singers included Barrington Levi, Burro Banton, Josie Wales, Tony Tuff and Charlie Chaplin.  Irie Up talks to author Pekka Vuorinen about a special piece of reggae history. more in issue 10

Jah Tubbys at 40

So why is Jah Tubbys called the World System? Pierre Antoine Foulquier catches up with the Jah Tubbys crew in Paris to hear about 40 years on the road with the legendary London soundsystem, while we try to separate the facts and the legends. more in issue 9

Jah Observer

Austin “Spiderman” Palmer is the founder and selector for the Mighty Jah Observer sound system. He started his sound as a youth in the late 1960s and has continued through the various trends in reggae, preserving his unique approach to music all the while. Two characteristics mark out his system from all the others who play in Europe and the UK: firstly, his rig is still valve-driven; and secondly, he eschews the “boof boof” dub played by his contemporaries in favour of the more soulful cultural vibes of yesteryear.

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Calling all reggae people !

Calling all musicians, singers, producers, artists, designers, photographers, selecters and reggae fans!

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Jah Vibes Soundsystem

“My first thought was: What kind of madness is this?” Sista Adilisha, one of the few women at the control tower, talks about musical madness. Following a soundsystem education in London, she put together her own soundsystem in Cologne, Germany, and is now also running a new label using an international roots network, and organising gatherings for roots and culture music.

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Solar Powered Sound

Across the way, the Gaggeldub family is setting up their sound and we’re all watching with interest because it’s the first time we’ve seen this solar powered soundsystem. They set some poles and string a canopy from the side of their truck. Off to one side, they set up a camp kitchen. Under the canopy they lay out a carpet and then they arrange their soundsystem. The four bass scoops and two mid and top speakers are painted a cheerful shade of green and they look brand new.

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