Cover art from new tune ‘Straight to Banksy head’ by Mau Mau ?

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Mau Mau on the Move

Digging through some vinyl this week, I came across this 7″ cover with the little lion icon on the speaker identifying it as a Mau Mau production.
The tune by Micah Shemaiah is another part of the reggae revival vibe coming out of Jamaica right now – but that’s another story, although we’ll have more on this coming shortly. It’s one of several pieces Mau Mau has done for reggae artists. If you’ve got issue 10 of Irie Up, you’ll see several of Mau Mau’s pieces featured inside, including some of the work he painted on the streets in Kingston a couple of years ago.

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The Reggae Movement Exhibition in Warsaw!

new Reggae spot in Warsaw !

From 12 of December Reggae Christmas Market in Warsaw !

In shop now: The Reggae Movement Exhibition Art Set

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