Irie Up - Volume 1: Issue 1

irieup_01_promo_site1In the first issue:

King Earthquake - Setting the record straight
Interview - Calman Scott - The Original Rockers
Reggaetown - Berlin: The Dub Steps
Paris Record Stores - The Survivors
Photostories from University of Dub (London), Dub Station (France)
News from Poland, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Brazil, New Zealand, Russia,
Holland, Ireland and the UK
Soundman Stories
Reggae History: Haile Selassie in Washington DC

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7 Responses to “Irie Up - Volume 1: Issue 1”

  1. House of Reggae

    Greetings Irie Up crew,

    thank you very much for the magazine which is one of the best i have ever read. I can feel the love of the magazine creators in every page.

    Irie Up yourself & don’t be no drag,


  2. irieup

    Greets Nils! it was worth to do it, to read these words ;- )))) bless & love for you !

    Irie Up crew

  3. Jed

    Thanks to the Irie Up crew for this new magazine release !!
    Writing from France where almost no such mag exists.

    Bless & love !!

  4. rootscores

    all the bass for 2010 ! saludos desde valencia. looking to forward to the mag ! thanx again for your support and kind , nice and easy contact !

  5. disrupt

    Apart form the UK “Woofah” this is one of the nicest and most needed mags I’ve read in a long time. Coming strictly from the sound system subculture it’s lovely how it syncs the worldwide networks and is an absolutely crucial medium for the scene. So far off the commercial Reggae and Dancehall crap this is where the real vibes are. Can’t wait to see the next issues - definitely keep it up, you’re on the right path, mates!

    Jan / disrupt

  6. Taiaha

    finally, a sound system zine! wish you all the best for the next issues, stay true to yourself!

    i was really happy to read the New Zealand article. been playin the kiwi style for years now, first time ever i see it mentioned in a magazine! listen this:

    irie up yourself!

    one sound one love


  7. oleejah

    Massive thanks and respect for this great magazine!

    Check the anouncement of your magazine on my blog:

    Blessed love outa Germany!