Issue 8 mar/apr

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“Soon we will find out Who is the real revolutionary”
Zimbabwe, Bob Marley

It was one of Marley’s best lines – aimed not just at Zimbabwe, and the revolutionary leader Robert Mugabe, but at the whole world. In 1980, Zimbabwe became one of the last African countries to gain independence, but across Africa, independence had not always meant freedom. Many revolutionary leaders became dictators.

Bob Marley poster by jamaican artist Michael Thompson included.

What's inside

News and Views

The word from JA – Marxist, Serbian, Muslim: FC Apartide UTD – The People’s Choice 2010 – Jah Tubbys at 40 – Magical mystery tour

Band Profile: Sattatree

Singer Jimmy Emuze talks about music, politics and identity as Sattatree move up a gear

Art: Michael Thompson (Part Two)

“Revolutionary art and propaganda is always extremely potent, because of the verve and passion of the originators.”

Book reviews

2012: Time is the master – the mysterious visions of Terence McKenna – I&I Natural Mystics – How the Wailers reached their heights – Unfinished business

Music Reviews

Fresh vinyl, singles, 10” and 12”s, albums; musicians resurrection!

Top Tunes

Dr Ogue picks some strange and wayward diamonds from the dub river.