Issue 3 may/june 2010

Irie Up issue 3, cover
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When artists noticed the tiny amount of royalties being paid by a new digital streaming service, the service promised that the money would eventually ‘trickle down’ to the artists. Hmm, we thought … that sounds familiar. The recent economic disasters are the end result of the policies of Reagan and Thatcher. Following worldwide recessions in the 1970s, government policies and regulations were abandoned in favour of so called “free market” economics. Reagan’s philosophy was to increase the wealth of the rich, so that wealth would eventually ‘trickle-down’ to ordinary people. It was known as ‘Reagonomics’, and was an illusion. In the reggae business, we have ‘Reggaenomics’, which is pretty much the opposite of Reaganomics…

What's inside

Tribe Works: Setting the record straight

Jacques Golub talks to Tribe Works Soundsystem, the veteran Japanese roots sound based out of the Orange Street record shop in Tokyo.

USA news

From Austin, Texas, Shane Orr reports on the reggae fringe festivals springing up at the famous South by Southwest festival.

Russian reggae runnings

Bredda Fisher talks to JBro, the Turkish-born selecter about building up Moscow’s first soundsystem

Italy reggae history

Luca Russo brings us up to date with the final part in our series on Italian reggae history

Ireland news

JC Bihanic talks to Irish instrumental reggae group Avatar.