Occupy Pinnacle

Every so often, the ‘Occupy’ movement comes to life again, and lately it’s connected with the effort to reclaim Pinnacle, the near 500 acres of land outside Kingston that was once the preserve of Leonard Howell and his followers. Anyone wishing to support the reclamation of Pinnacle can write a letter to the Jamaica Gleaner or Jamaican Observer. Like many newspapers, they’ll take equal or greater notice of letters from overseas and even from non-Jamaicans. Although much commentary about Pinnacle and Leonard Howell stresses the ‘self-sufficient’ aspect of Pinnacle, it was far more than self-sufficient. The influence of Pinnacle was enormous; suffice to say that the worldwide reggae movement is indebted to the far-reaching influence of Pinnacle. So we owe a debt of gratitude to supporting those now fighting to preserve and re-establish the Pinnacle settlement.

Do a little reading and research and then get in touch with the JA papers, and let them know the influence of Pinnacle worldwide. Here’s a good place to start, with Helene Lee’s documentary ‘The First Rasta’:

Write to the Observer using editorial@jamaicaobserver.com or to the Gleaner using this online form:


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